Hey there! My name is Marissa Wells and it’s so nice of you to come check out my blog! A few things about me:

  • Recently graduated from Texas A&M University. Can I get an A-WHOOP?
  • Grew up in Freeland, Maryland
  • I own a cat, Theo, and a dog, Arya. I call them my kids
  • I grew up on a horse farm. My parents would ride with me in their lap as a baby. Horses are a huge part of my life. I currently own 3 horses of my own.
  • I am a professional women’s polo player. And no, I do not mean water polo, yes horse polo. Believe it or not I am asked that many times. Boujee, sorta..
  • Living a healthy, active lifestyle is very important to me. Abs for days!
  • Currently working in Virginia

All of my life I have always been “the horse girl” but I love fashion as well. I may be in the barn most of the time but I love putting together a cute outfit. A huge reason I wanted to start this blog is to help document my life, share tips and trends, and empower people to have confidence to do whatever it is they want to do in life. Women should be strong minded and not worry what others think of them. Always live your life to the fullest, each and every day, and take the leap to do what you want! I hope you enjoy my blog!